Tumbleseed's Story

Two Longtime Friends...

Wanted to make a difference... and alas, Tumbleseed takes root.

What is Tumbleseed?

Tumbleseed is an online community bringing together volunteers and community organizers to help grow local initiatives. 
Our mission is to help social good organizations find their unique story; share it with the world through social media; and cultivate an audience to further their good works. Specifically, Tumbleseed will help...
  • Spread the word
  • Tell their stories
  • Locate volunteers, resources, and sponsors in their local neighborhoods

How does Tumbleseed work?

Local Organizers representing a non profit, group or an individual leading a cause can add initiatives, stories and needs to Tumbleseed. This will plant a seed in the community. Once your initiative is seeded, our social media platform takes over. Just watch your initiative grow!
Volunteers can browse local initiatives and raise their hand to connect and volunteer, donate resources, and share your story with their friends. And once they start contributing, they begin to build their “footprint or legacy” in the community.
Thank you for visiting and we look forward to your input to further evolve Tumbleseed and our vision to grow social entrepreneurialism in Michigan!
If you have a question or suggestion, we would love to hear it!  Please contact us at info@tumbleseed.org.